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We’d love you to join us! Lets show you what we are all about.

At Tenth Revolution Group, culture is super important. We believe that a happy team is a productive team and we love to celebrate and reward all the great things achieved by our most driven people.

You won’t find a culture like ours anywhere else. We think it’s what makes us so good at what we do. 

 It’s also what makes us so good at spotting exceptional people (and if you’re reading this, then you already know how we feel about you.) 

 So come on in, take a look around, and find out what you can expect as part of the Tenth Revolution Group team. 

Before you dive in, our CEO and Chairman, James Lloyd-Townshend, would like to say hello.

The world of Tenth Revolution Group

Who are we and what are we all about? Here are the crib notes

We’re a big company with offices all around the world. From New York to Tokyo, from Melbourne to Berlin, we’re all united by a shared purpose. And that’s the drive to solve the tech skills gap and change people’s lives.

What do we do?

We’re a Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS) business. In short, we put the right people with the right skills where they’re needed. Whether that means finding the top candidate for a job or creating brand new talent to fit our customers’ specifications, serving up exceptional talent is our bread and butter.

What do we believe in?

If we could sum up the Tenth Revolution Group philosophy in one word, it would be: Go Beyond. (Alright, that’s two words. See, we’re always going that extra mile.)

Going Beyond can mean a lot of things. To us, it means being target-driven and laser-focused on delivering results that matter.

What makes us the very best?

We’re the tech talent experts. That deep expertise, combined with our revolutionary, two-pronged approach to solving the tech talent shortage, is making a real impact on people’s lives.

And what’s more important than that?

Our brands

Meet the gang

Tenth Revolution Group is made up of multiple talent delivery and creation brands, each dedicated to a specific technology, like Microsoft or AWS for example, or delivery model. (Trust us, it sounds more complicated than it is.)

Here’s a quick overview of each brand and what it does:

The one that trains and deploys tech talent

There’s a massive demand for candidates with tech skills right now, but not enough talent to go around. Revolent is helping close that skills gap.

Revolent creates net-new tech talent by employing and cross-training tech professionals in Microsoft, Salesforce or AWS technologies before placing them with our customers (Hire-Train-Deploy). They also help businesses re-train their existing employees (Reskill) and enable individuals to upskill in key areas (Upskill).

And the ones who glue it all together

We know that being the tech talent experts can be challenging at times—that’s why we’ve developed a full central services support function, which is a big part of what has made us so successful.

From marketing teams to help build your personal brand, to IT support to give you access to the latest cutting-edge recruitment tech platforms, our Central Services department is packed with talented people across a range of teams to ensure help and support is always at hand. Meet the teams

Contract Admin


Customer Solutions Sales

IT and Privacy


Talent Acquisition

Learning and Development

Human Resources


Where you can find us

And where you could find yourself

We may have started in a small office in the North of England, but today we have more than 20 (modern, smart and fun-packed) offices around the world.

Fancy a visit? Remember, you’re welcome to work from any of these offices for up to 10 days a year with our Work from Anywhere perk. Come say hello and let your colleagues show you the best coffee spots.

You’ll find our New York office in the heart of the Financial District, a stone’s throw from the Brooklyn Bridge.
Ten Penn Center is our Philly home, close to everything downtown has to offer.
Sample some of that famous Southern hospitality at our Texas location in the center of D-Town.
Close to the trendy Ybor City district, there’s plenty to enjoy around our Sunshine State hub.
A large, vibrant downtown area at the foot of a stunning mountain range, The Mile High City has something for everyone.
Known for its abundance of bars and restaurants, you’ll find a warm welcome and plenty to do in Scottsdale.
Rated one of the happiest cities in the US, Irvine is also home to several tech giants and a booming job market.
The Harbourfront, right by the famous St Lawrence Market and the historic Distillery District, is our home in Canada’s largest city.
Our downtown Montreal office sits right in the middle of this thriving cosmopolitan city; ranked as one of the world’s most livable!
Sitting in the heart of the world’s financial hub, our London office is state-of-the-art.
Lively Newcastle Upon Tyne is our hometown and host to our largest office and global HQ.
Overlooking Berlin’s largest urban park, our Berlin hub sits among some of Germany’s most recognizable monuments.
Mixing buzzing city life with unique historic architecture and access to beaches, Barcelona is a hotspot for young professionals.
Our first French office, located in downtown Bordeaux, boasts an incredible office location next to the city’s main station and transport hub, and is equipped with amazing amenities.
With its exuberant party scene, thriving economy, and easy connections to other European cities, there’s always plenty to do in Madrid.
An artsy city with plenty of nightlife, Cologne is home to our second German office, located in the popular, dynamic Friesenplatz neighborhood.
Stop by our Frankfurt offices and enjoy the city’s Golden Mile; also known as ‘The Fifth Avenue of Germany’.
Set in a busy corner of this historic and quirky city, Amsterdam’s business district is home to the country’s Financial Mile; and our Netherlands office.
A small big city like no other, our Geneva team loves where they work for the high standard of living and proximity to the Alps.
Zurich’s prestigious central district is where you’ll find us, along with one of the world’s most famous shopping boulevards.
Italy’s capital of fashion and finance, Milan is as much a lifestyle as it is a city, and you’ll be right in the middle of it all in our central Milan office.
Singapore’s illustrious Central Business District boasts dazzling skylines, countless restaurants, extensive leisure options; and our Singaporean office.
Our Japan office is situated in the international business epicenter of Minato City. One of Tokyo’s youngest wards, the area’s culture, shopping, and nightlife make it an excellent spot to live and work.
On the doorstep of the city’s biggest transport hub, our home Down Under sits in Melbourne’s contemporary waterfront dining, retail, and entertainment district.

The story so far

Yep, that's us; you're probably wondering how we got here

We’ve come a long way from the small office and team of two passionate staffing experts we started off with back in 2006. (That’s a year after the first iPhone was released…)

In fact, we’ve been working in the technology talent space for almost two decades. Things have changed a lot in that time and we’ve changed with them.

We started off in the Microsoft Dynamics market, where we noticed a massive demand from businesses for professionals who could help them use the software. The problem was that candidates with the right skills were rare, and difficult to find. So, we launched Nigel Frank International to help companies find the professionals they needed for their teams, and connect talented candidates with great job opportunities.

Soon, we realized this wasn’t just a Microsoft Dynamics issue. There were many technology ecosystems facing the same problem; high demand, too few candidates. This lack of accessible support meant that businesses were struggling to digitally transform their organizations, take advantage of emerging technology, and innovate to stay competitive in their industries.

So, we expanded into other markets that needed our services and launched brands specializing in popular technologies like Salesforce, NetSuite, and AWS.

We built a stellar reputation for being able to find great candidates in talent-short markets. Our secret? Becoming experts in the technologies, skills, and markets we work with inside and out. We developed a laser-focus on getting to know these products and the people who work with them on a granular level. That’s how we can deliver the expertise to understand exactly what our clients are looking for—and we know where to look to find it.

But what has really made us stand out throughout our journey is our dedication to our customers. We’re not just incredibly effective, expert recruiters (if we do say so ourselves), but partners. Our customers know that we understand their pain points, and can help them navigate all kinds of talent-related challenges. Not only do we help customers find talent when they need it, but we’re also in their corner to advise them on attracting and retaining the best talent, developing their people, and building more inclusive workplaces.

But sourcing the best talent is only part of what we do.

After more than a decade delivering technology talent, we could clearly see that the need for tech talent was far outstripping the available supply. We wanted to develop a way to create new talent that would bolster the talent pool and help more businesses get access to transformative tech skills. 

That’s why we created Revolent.

With Revolent, our goal is to deliver on-demand talent and industry-leading training to bridge the tech skills gap. Through our unique training models, we’re able to develop certified, billable tech professionals who are ready to get to work fast. We’re creating net new talent and giving organizations of all sizes the resources they need to drive their business forward.

We know talented people can achieve amazing things in tech. And that’s why we do what we do.

We want everyone to be able to take advantage of the opportunities technology offers—whether they’re a business looking to grow or a budding professional trying to build a rewarding career.

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Our values

Five simple principles we live and work by

Every company has values these days. They’ve almost become the philosophical equivalent of an office foosball table. But to us, our values are important because we truly live by them.

Our values have been forged by everything we’ve learned on our journey so far, and they serve as a compass for everything we do going forward. They’ve been shaped by our people, by their experiences, and by their thoughts about what our business should really be about.

These shared values make sure that we’re united in our efforts, working towards the same goal. So, what are these five things that guide us?

We have fun

Good vibes, infectious energy and building connections

That’s what fun means to us. Achieving your fullest potential is easier when you’re also having a great time and celebrating wins together (and occasionally walloping your colleagues at ping pong).
Enjoy regular social events where you can kick back with colleagues
Let your competitive side shine in a series of games and challenges with our themed Go Beyond Days
Win top-flight meals, exciting experiences and worldwide excursions with our incentive programs
Join your colleagues and celebrate your successes with our monthly Tenth Thursday get-togethers

We are the experts

When it comes to tech talent, we’re real smart cookies

Technology is a complex subject. If you’re going to put the right talent in the right place, you need to know what you’re talking about. And we do. We’re proud of our unrivaled expertise in tech talent solutions, and nothing gets us buzzing more than knowing we’re trusted by our customers to deliver on their specialist tech skills needs.

We know solving the tech skills gap requires know-how and ingenuity, which is why we support continuous learning for all our people

We’re market leaders in the ecosystems we support, and each of our recruiters is an expert in their technology and market ecosystem; many have even earned technical certifications to show off their expertise

We’re accredited partners of some of tech’s leading businesses, like Salesforce, Microsoft, AWS and Google

There’s no limit to what you can achieve with us if you keep learning; the more you know, the further you’ll go

We're all about people

We’re technology experts, but we’re passionate about people

Empowering people to achieve their goals is what drives us. That doesn’t just apply to the candidates, customers, and budding tech professionals we’re lucky enough to work with, but also to our own people. We love to help you learn, grow, and be your authentic self while treating everyone with empathy and respect. We can even help you live your best life in a whole new country with our global relocation opportunities!

Our structured, supported, and merit-based career pathways are designed to help you reach your full potential fast

Wherever your ambition takes you, you’ll find countless development opportunities across the business

Got something to say? Our Buddy Up with the Board sessions give you one-on-one time with board members

We transform lives

Connecting people with life-changing opportunities

We know that things can always be better. That’s what we strive for, both in our own organization and in the world we share. We believe technology is for everyone, and we thrive on helping people embrace the transformative opportunities it presents. Whether we’re helping our biggest customers make a positive difference or giving a single person the tools they need to build a life-changing career, we’re proud to be building a better tomorrow.

Join us in giving back as we support our nominated charities: Teenage Cancer Trust and St Martin’s School in Kenya

Help the organizations we work with unlock their potential through tech so they can better serve their customers and their employees

Connect our candidates with amazing opportunities, and remove obstacles to a career in tech so that everyone can thrive in our industry

Take paid time out to volunteer for your favorite causes with our employee-driven initiative TRG Cares

We Go Beyond

Taking action today to make the most of tomorrow

There’s nothing quite like seeing your hard work pay off. That’s why we pride ourselves on being ambitious, motivated and always willing to go that little bit further to get the best results for our customers and candidates. It’s not always going to be easy, but we see opportunity in challenges and we’re at our best when we’re pushing hard to deliver fantastic outcomes.

Our Go Beyond philosophy doesn’t just apply to our work. We encourage our people to push themselves and achieve big things in every area of their lives, whether that means climbing mountains to complete the Three Peaks Challenge or raising money for great causes.

Go the extra mile, deliver great results for our customers and candidates and your efforts will be recognized
Be recognized for your achievements and successes at our regular Tenth Thursday and Lunch Club events
Join your fellow team members and meet colleagues at our global Go Beyond team activity days
Celebrate your success and experience new cultures through our exciting Global Top Performers incentive trips

How we support each other

Together, we can bring out the best in each and every one

At Tenth Revolution Group, we’re a team. A very big team without an official kit, granted. But still a team. We work together to accomplish great things, share successes and support each other whenever we need a helping hand. Across every area of the business, from Sales to Central Services and across all our brands, you’ll always have access to the help and resources you need to get the job done.

When you become part of our team, here are a few simple promises that we make to you and a few that we hope you’ll make to us.

Deal? Deal.

Our commitments to you

Your commitments to us

Stuff to add to your bookmarks

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Sustainability Matters

Learn about how we are building a responsible global business

Wellbeing Matters

Learn about how we are building a fun, healthy, and inclusive culture

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