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Building a fun, healthy, inclusive culture that puts our employees' wellbeing front and center lies at the heart of our wellbeing program and TRG values.

We are committed to supporting our workforce’s physical, mental, financial, and social health while also empowering our employees to support their colleagues whenever they need a helping hand. It is important to us that everyone is happy in their roles and able to live their best life, wherever in the world they are based. By connecting our people with a wide range of opportunities and tools, we are helping them to thrive in the workplace, boost their productivity and, ultimately, improve their personal wellbeing and self-worth.

Our Wellbeing Matters program

Our strategy focuses on prioritizing our employees’ wellbeing, bringing positive energy into our workplace, and ensuring everyone can be heard by their peers and senior leadership. We have introduced a variety of initiatives, support services, and tools focused on the following outcomes:

  • Promoting awareness around wellbeing issues
  • Building connections between employees
  • Equipping our workforce with the resources they need to be happy, healthy and successful
  • Helping our employees achieve a good work-life balance

Georgina Casas

Employee Experience Director

What we've achieved

Resources and support

  • Employee Assistance Programs in the UK and the US, available to employees 24/7 for free
  • Whistleblowing hotline to report issues of concern
  • Wellbeing Hub on our employee intranet, crammed with informative resources
  • 30+ Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAs) across our business worldwide
  • Modern, well-equipped offices that make our spaces a nice place to be, with facilities such as wellness rooms, breakout spaces and fun games/activities

Initiatives and events

  • TRG Cares provides employees with volunteering opportunities with our nominated corporate charities and other causes that mean the most to them
  • Thematic calendar to align our wellbeing activities each quarter, encompassing Taking Care of You, Community, Financial Wellbeing, and Mental Health
  • Wellbeing challenge hosted annually to encourage physical movement and develop positive new habits among our workforce, with 600+ people taking part in 2023
  • Summer Fridays, allowing our employees to finish at 3pm throughout July and August and kick-start their weekends earlier
  • Charity partner events give employees the opportunity to take part in, for example, the London Marathon and Great North Run
  • Financial wellbeing sessions to educate and inform employees on money matters and planning for the future

Employee engagement

  • Your Voice Matters, an anonymous employee survey in March and September every year to ask our employees how they feel about working at Tenth Revolution Group
  • Wellbeing questions are included in our bi-annual employee survey to help us track sentiments across the business
  • Internal communication that is open and transparent and delivered through channels such as our monthly employee newsletter and business review
  • Monthly meetups that bring our employees together in their local offices to celebrate their successes and build connections with each other in an informal setting

Board-level advocacy

  • Executive Sponsor appointed for Wellbeing Matters; our CEO, James Lloyd-Townshend
  • Quarterly update from our CEO, summarizing our latest wellbeing initiatives and signposting employees to valuable resources


  • Mental Health Awareness Training for managers to equip them with the knowledge and tools needed to recognize the signs of mental health problems and support individuals
  • Learning Live employee-led sessions to upskill our employees’ Microsoft knowledge and boost their professional development
  • Resilience is Key workshop hosted by psychologist, author, and mental wellness public speaker Dr Tiffany Loggins, exploring unhealthy coping mechanisms


  • Work from anywhere perk, allowing employees (excluding our trainee recruitment consultants) to work from any location worldwide for up to 10 days a year
  • Global Family Friendly Guide, which sets out the benefits available to our employees that will help them find the right work-life balance

"I've helped colleagues with financial insecurity, work pressures, relationship issues, and anxiety, but it can literally be any challenge they are facing. We aren't experts, but we've been trained to listen and provide guidance on where they can seek specialist support."

Measuring our impact

In our bi-annual employee engagement survey, we ask our global workforce to rate their response to the statement “I believe my health and wellbeing are taken seriously by the company” and aim to reach the following engagement scores:

0 %

By 2026

0 %

By 2030

Outperform industry benchmarks

"Wellbeing isn't just about yoga sessions or mindfulness apps; it's so much more. It's about how we manage our private and professional lives and how they intersect. It's about how we care for ourselves and each other physically and emotionally, both day-to-day and long-term. At Tenth Revolution Group, we are fully committed to creating a culture that supports all of these different aspects of our employees' mental, physical, financial and social health - and through our Wellbeing Matters program, we are delivering on that promise."

Next steps

Looking ahead, we have set the following action points to further develop and enhance our wellbeing offering:

Launch our first global Mental Health Town Hall on World Mental Health Day

Increase the visibility of our MHFA community

Roll out a global Employee Assistance Program in 2025

Enhance our employee benefits package worldwide

Conduct a deep dive into our employees' wellbeing via an online survey

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