Our story

The story so far

So how did Tenth Revolution Group find itself at the forefront of the tech talent challenge?

Well, we’ve been working in the tech space since 2006. If 2006 doesn’t seem like that long ago, it was the year Twitter was born, Amazon launched AWS, and we were all still using Internet Explorer.

Although cloud technology wasn’t the major force we know and rely on today, the popularity of products that now dominate the market was on the rise.

Innovative business technology was becoming more accessible, but many businesses lacked the time and expertise to find the support they needed to make the most of it. We set out to change that.

Over the years, we’ve seen firsthand how transformative having the right tech talent on a team can be—and how tough it is to find that talent. The tech landscape has evolved significantly in that time, and so have we, continuously adapting to market changes to make sure we were wherever our expertise was needed most.

As demand for tech talent began to skyrocket, we realized that inventive, practical action was needed to close the emerging skills gap. And so, in 2018, we launched a brand new talent creation model to help cultivate the tech professionals the world so desperately needed.

Since day one, we’ve worked to help the world seize the incredible opportunities that technology is creating, whether that means delivering existing tech experts or creating brand new professionals.

With so many years of experience and unmatched expertise, we are your ultimate tech talent partner, delivering the support you need now and tomorrow.

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