Wellbeing Matters

At Tenth Revolution Group, our vision is to build a fun, healthy, inclusive culture that puts wellbeing center stage.

We are committed to supporting our workforce’s physical, mental, financial, and social health and empowering our employees to support their colleagues whenever they need a helping hand.

We want everyone to be happy in their roles and able to live their best life wherever in the world they are based. And by connecting our people with amazing opportunities, we are helping them thrive in the workplace and positively impact global communities, all while improving their personal wellbeing and self-worth.

Our Wellbeing Matters journey

In 2021, we created a strategy focused on prioritizing our employees’ wellbeing, bringing positive energy into our workplace, and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to use their voice.

Led by our Employee Experience Director, we have introduced a variety of initiatives, support services, and tools centered on:


Wellbeing means something different to everyone, which is why we aim to equip our employees with the support and resources they need to manage their own wellbeing and make informed decisions about their lifestyle.

Georgie Casas

Employee Experience Director

Our approach to improving wellbeing at work

Our wellbeing themes

We align our Wellbeing Matters activities to four themes throughout the calendar year, allowing us to deliver a more structured, engaging program across the entire business. Our themes include:

Taking care

Caring for ourselves and those around us


The importance of belonging and building connections

Financial wellbeing

Managing money and planning for the future

Mental health

Looking after our mental wellbeing and supporting others

Our internal initiatives

We are committed to creating a healthy work environment and proactively educating our employees and building their personal resilience. Our initiatives include:
A bi-annual employee engagement survey that gives everyone the opportunity to share their views anonymously and tell us how they feel about working at Tenth Revolution Group.
A group of 30+ employees worldwide who have undertaken specialist MHFA training to support their colleagues whenever they need someone to talk to.
In the UK and the US, our EAP provides employees with free, confidential advice 24/7 on their work, life, and wellbeing through a professional third-party service provider.

As part of TRG Cares, our employees can use one paid day off every year to volunteer in their local community and develop new skills, meet new people, and improve their personal wellbeing.

Housed on our staff intranet, our Wellbeing Hub is crammed with resources, free podcasts and videos to help signpost our employees onto further help and information.

Our CEO, James Lloyd-Townshend, shares articles on LinkedIn about wellbeing issues and also sends a personal message and round-up of our wellbeing-related initiatives to employees every quarter.

The wellbeing of our global workforce is of the utmost importance and we will continue to listen to voices across our business to ensure Tenth Revolution Group is a safe, inclusive, healthy, and enjoyable workplace where each employee can reach their full potential.

James Lloyd-Townshend

Chairman, CEO and Executive Sponsor of Wellbeing Matters

How we measure impact

Tracking and reporting on the impact of our wellbeing activities enables us to take accountability and be fully transparent about our organization’s progress. Employee feedback is also essential to shaping our wellbeing strategy and ensuring we can adapt to the evolving needs of our growing workforce.

We measure impact through the following channels:






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