Connecting specialist female tech talent to the opportunities they deserve

It’s no secret that tech has historically been something of a boy’s club, but our Women in Tech practice is working to change that.

We have over 200,000 top female IT professionals in our candidate database. Our Women in Tech practice helps our customers shape a more inclusive workforce by championing this outstanding female talent in technology.


We work with both active and passive candidates, from graduates through to CIOs and CTOs, to make sure our resume shortlists represent the best talent available.


We engage with employers and job seekers to create opportunities for all, providing access to a range of professional resources and creating channels to market that build a more diverse pipeline.


We bring together our network through events, workshops, and community meetups to share experience, build relationships, and connect professionals with potential opportunities.

Find out more about how our Women in Tech practice can help you access the best talent and foster diversity in your business.

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