Creating talent

Developing net new talent through expert tech talent creation programs

5.9 million new U.S. tech jobs will be needed by 2027 to deploy emerging technologies

The tech talent shortage is a real issue with serious consequences. But at Tenth Revolution Group, we like to look on the bright side.

The colossal demand for tech skills creates an exciting opportunity to develop brand new talent. And we believe that the best way to solve the skills gap is to make sure that everyone with a passion for technology can access the support they need to develop these valuable skills.

Technology should be a big tent. Really big. That’s why we developed training and placement models that are accessible to more people.

Businesses get the talent they need to realize their digital ambitions, stay competitive, and drive innovation. Passionate people get help to build a rewarding tech career. Everybody wins.

Meet Revolent, your tech talent creation partner

Revolent is our tech talent creation brand. At Revolent, we cross-train experienced tech professionals, turning them into delivery-ready technologists specializing in products like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Snowflake.

Here’s how it works:


We hire experienced IT talent from diverse backgrounds


We provide intensive technical and professional skills training to turn them into delivery-ready tech professionals


We place them at your organization for up to two years


We continue to invest in their development throughout the deployment


They can transfer to your team permanently at the end of their contract with us

Why build your tech team with Revolent?

Cost-effective and highly efficient

Scalable solutions with minimal risk

Tailored training, support and development

Customizable and flexible model

Dedication to diversity and inclusion

Great retention and continuity of service

Want to add world-class tech talent to your team?

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