Enabling talent

Turn your team into tech experts with industry-leading training

Almost 90% of technology leaders say that recruiting and retaining talent are moderate or major challenges

Sometimes, the answer to your talent issue is closer than you think. With tech talent increasingly difficult to come by, a growing number of organizations are thinking outside the box to get the right skills in their teams. And outside the box can mean inside the business.

Our Reskill programs are designed to help organizations retain their employees, turning existing staff into delivery-ready professionals with in-demand skills in areas like Microsoft cloud and Salesforce.

These intensive, practical training courses equip employees with valuable tech skills and help them earn industry-leading certifications.

The Revolent reskilling difference

60% of training time is spent on practical application and use-case-driven exercises to make sure employees have the skills needed make a real, immediate impact

Our exclusive learning content is delivered in bite-sized modules to build advanced cloud capabilities quickly and with minimal disruption to operations

We’re proud to have an industry-leading 80% first-time pass rate—even for the most advanced certification exams

Looking to add your employees to one of our upcoming training courses?

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